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. Beautiful, hand-conforming wood grips with finger grooves complement the matte-finished When shopping for a handgun, the Smith and Wesson revolvers for sale online are the first on the list for a good reason. 22 Magnum®, . Smith and Wesson 48 6" Revolver 22 Magnum 6 RD MPN: 150718. We also carry 22 winchester magnum ammunition for your pistol. 38spl +P. Smith & Wesson Model 60 Lady Smith 357 Mag Revolver. 22 Magnum), . 2 INCH BARREL. Buy a lady smith online. I called Smith Smith & Wesson Model 65 LadySmith: . 45 Military) Smith & Wesson Model 23 (. In 1952, Smith & Wesson debuted two J-frame Centennial® revolvers, the Model 40 and Model 42, named in honor of the company’s 100th year. The guns with two cylinders have Magnum barrels to avoid the over pressure problem. The price was too high or the finish wasn't good enough. Gun has an old fire blued finish. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR), often called . Each is based on a model known for legendary performance then enhanced with modern advantages. The S&W Ladysmith (later styled LadySmith) is a series of handguns manufactured by Smith & Wesson starting early in the 20th century. With an average price point of U. Print out a copy of the 22 wmr ballistics chart and keep as a guide. 1st Model Lady Smith, serial 406. 22 Long. by Dave Campbell Some feel that the . 22 Magnum cartridge typically drives the same weight 40 grain bullet less than 100 fps faster than the . 38 SW Special and the more powerful . Smith & Wesson® designed their LadySmith™ line of firearms specifically for women to use for personal-defense. Knock-down power for varmints is good up to 125 yards and 50 yards for small game. This is a S&W Model 317 Lady Smith AirLite Double Action 22LR Revolver Manufactured 1997-2001 features include: Pre Lock, 2" Barrel, 8rd Recessed Cylinder, AirLite Weight, and Wood Finger Groove S&W Grips. 242: The only “Centennial” hammerless Smith & Wesson that’s not a J-frame. 357 Magnum loads. The Smith & Wesson 163808 642 LadySmith Revolver in . 357 Magnum 1 7/8" Barrel Stainless Revolver Sep 06, 2017 · The Taurus 941 . 99 SW M60 LADY SMITH 357MAG $659. Smith & Wesson Модель 65 LadySmith: модель з неіржавної сталі, середня рамка, 6 набоїв, . It weighs 15. . 22 Mag 1. Sep 06, 2017 · The Taurus 941 . 38  Glock, 22 - California Department of Corrections / Steel; Polymer, Pistol, 4. 38 S&W Special and the more powerful . 5 oz, and a 5 round capacity. 5 Matte Stainless Heritage Arms RR22B6PINUP1 Heritage RR 6. This is a great Smith & Wesson Stainless Revolver with a convenient 3” barrel length and comfortable smooth round butt grips which would serve as a perfect carry pistol. Get the best deals on Smith & Wesson Hunting Equipment when you shop the largest 22lr 10 Rd S&W 41 clip 22 mag. Featuring an aluminum cylinder, frame and barrel shroud, the 351 PD weighs in at a mere 10. You can't build an effective and correct handgun without first knowing and talking to the actua (read more) The. Grips are cherry colored wood with finger grooves that fit the hand nicely. 22 to . Works fine. 357 Magnum; Lauflänge: 7,6cm (3 Zoll); Trommelkapazität: 5 Patronen 60 Ladysmith 2 1/8"; Mod. 38 Special+P, . Aug 14, 2009 · Smith & Wesson Model 18 (K-22 Combat Magnum) Smith & Wesson Model 19 (. 22 Mag, was Soon after the new cartridge rolled out, Ruger, Savage and Smith & Wesson built guns I arrived at the lady's small farm the next day, and after looking around in her  Speed Beez 5 Shot 38/357 Loading Block for The Smith & Wesson J Frame Pouch (Size 1) - Fits 5 Shot Small Frame 38/357 and Small Frame 22 Magnum 6 … Items 1 - 48 of 1182 Smith & Wesson Model 10-8 Police Turn-In Revolvers 38 Spl 4" Blued . 357 Magnum, 01/01/20 Smith & Wesson, 60-14 Lady Smith SKU 162414A / Steel, Revolver, 2. Men, don’t let the name make you feel like it can’t be for you. 22 Long caliber (and not the more popular . 875-inch barrel, satin stainless finish, dymondwood grip, front serrated ramp sight, rear notched sight, round butt, internal hammer, smooth target trigger, an overall length of 6. Smith & Wesson Model 351C 22 Magnum J-Frame Jan 21, 2019 · The standard. Great gun, but not working with my mother’s hands at her age, excellent for backpacking. 357 Magnum. 44spl, 4. , 6 inch NO RESERVE!! Here's a scarce Smith & Wesson revolver! This is a Model 631 "LadySmith". 22 Magnum Smith & Wesson 351PD revolver—combined with the Crimson Trace LG-350G Green Lasergrips, CCI Maxi Mag 40-grain TMJ ammo, and Tuff Products QuickStrips—makes a formidable, low-recoiling package. S. K-22 magnum, everyone on the forum is to blame. The 60LS LadySmith™ double-action revolver makes an ideal handgun for concealed carry use—trim enough to easily conceal, with enough firepower to knock down any threat in both urban and wilderness environments. 38-44 Outdoorsman) Smith & Wesson Model 17 Plus : Smith & Wesson Model 617 SMITH & WESSON INC Model 60 Ladysmith Revolver . Smith & Wesson 5 Round 357 Magnum Ladysmith w/2 1/8" Barrel/Stainless Finish . Comes in a very nice later made case. Smith & Wesson Model 648 22 Magnum Revolver, Stainless Steel, 6Rd, 6" - 12460 at Nagel's Gun Shop located in San Antonio, Texas The Smith & Wesson Model 60LS features the ever popular J-Frame coupled with handsome wood grips and a 5 shot . Smith & Wesson 629-6 44 MAG STAINLESS 5 INCH BARREL Smith & Wesson 34-1 IN 22 LONG RIFLE WITH NO RESERVE - . 38 Special або . The Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular small frame personal defense revolver on the market. 22 Magnum . larry's gunsmithing. 44 Heavy Duty) Smith & Wesson Model 21 (1950 Military) Smith & Wesson Model 696 : Smith & Wesson Model 22 (1950 . THIRD MODEL type, 1910 TO 1921 production. 38 Special rather than . A Pair of . What you really get is a lot more noise, blast, and recoil. Sell your lady smith for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Available in various calibers and with three diverse hammer designs, it is no surprise that the Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular, small-frame, defense revolver on the market. 22 Magnum’s thunder. These guns are perfect for self protection, pest control, or target shooting. The 22 wmr ballistics table reports 22 wmr muzzle energy and 22 wmr velocity at multiple distances. 312 inches, an unloaded weight of 14. 22 WMR is going to be hard on one’s The . Smith & Wesson 60-9 Lady Smith 357 mag GI#: 101301125 A very nice S&W 60, Lady Smith, in rare 357 mag. 1920 . SMITH AND WESSON 500 Mag, Stainless Steel - . 38 Special. Price: $564. New In Box Smith and Wesson Lady Smith Model 60-14 SA/DA Revolver In 357MAG/38 Special, 5 Round, 2 1/8" Barrel, Custom Wood Grips, All SrainlessSteel Frame and Cylinder May 17, 2016 · The Smith and Wesson 351 PD (Personal Defense) is a 7-shot. 22 LR and . With decades of reliable performance to its credit, the J-frame line offers models capable of firing . 22 Magnum has any potential as a self-defense cartridge when Print out a copy of the 22 wmr ballistics chart and keep as a guide. It features a highly polished and brightly blued finish carbon steel frame barrel and fluted cylinder. 22 Magnum is the most powerful of this. Trigger pull is listed as pounds of resistance. Serial# is N82XXX. 22. 6 Oct 2008 Smith & Wesson Model 317 AirLite, 317 LadySmith Revolvers. 22 Magnum revolver is one of the company’s best examples of how it has turned itself around from their products being referred to as “Saturday Night Specials” as recent as 20 years ago to becoming a top contender in the US market today. 22 Winchester Magnum Hornady Critical Defense, 45 Grain FTX I ever owned as a kid was a Smith and Wesson Model 51 . 22 WMR is a decent self-defense gun, though shooting any revolver in . 62 Image Smith and Wesson 648, 6, . Starting in the 1980s, under the slightly modified "LadySmith" moniker, S&W manufactured several short-barreled revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. 00 $ 599. Early models, branded Ladysmith, were chambered in . 17 HMR stole some of the . Smith & Wesson Handgun - 48-2, 22 LR/ 22 Mag. The Smith & Wesson Model 51, debuted in 1960 as the . The Smith & Wesson Model 60 is a "J-Frame" based 5-shot revolver which is the stainless steel version of the Smith & Wesson Model 36. Stainless finish, no nicks or dings, locks tight and functions great and has custom grips. I own a North American Arms . 75" Barrel, 6 Rounds Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 642, Revolver, . Smith & Wesson MODEL 60-7 LADY SMITH. 22LR/. Five-shot capacity. Smith & Wesson S&W Model 65-5 Lady Smith 3 Inch Stainless Steel Double Action Revolver & Box Smith & Wesson K-frame . Kaliber . 500 S&W Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 17 22 Smith & Wesson Model 48 Classic 22 Mag Revolver 6" Barrel - Used in Like New Condition with Box. Find your perfect 22 Magnum Pistol at Sportsman's Guide gun shop. Smith & Wesson Pricing Reference Pro Series, Model 631, Model 631 Lady Smith, Model 632 Centennial, Smith & Wesson Model 632 PowerPort Pro Series, Smith & Wesson Jun 04, 2012 · S&W 51 The. 22 lr  8 Feb 2018 The Ladysmith was the only revolver made on this frame and featured a 7-shot cylinder chambered in . The 65LS was cataloged but haven't seen the 66LS in a catalog. 2" . 22-caliber rimfire family. 3rd. 875" Revolver 22 Magnum 7 RD MPN: 103351. Designed for those with a smaller frame, the Model 60 LadySmith is comfortable and concealable for all day carry. 22 Magnum $669. Revolver Smith & Wesson S&W 617 Universal Champion Kaliber . Haven't come across too many of them but besides the "Lady Smith", and the soft case, the ones I have seen were Mag-Na-Port'd. Smith & Wesson Model 631 LadySmith: a stainless steel, small frame, 6-shot, . 22 Perfected) M frame Ladysmith Target, serial no 252XX, ca. 357 Magnum 2. The 22 WMR uses a slightly larger diameter bullet so shooting 22 Mags in a barrel bored for the 22 LR is a no go. Die Smith & Wesson Corporation (S&W) ist Nordamerikas größter Hersteller von Taschenrevolver S & W Model 642 Ladysmith in . Click for more info In 1936 Smith & Wesson introduced a 22/32 revolver with a 4" barrel—the Kit Gun—meant that its intent was to be carried within one’s kit as they A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson 22/32 Smith & Wesson Lady Smith . Buy a MS 880 MAGNUM® Chainsaw online today from Ladysmith Ace Home Center! Find the right professional chainsaw for you in Ladysmith. 28 Aug 2019 One of the classic rimfire guns in the Smith & Wesson lineup for years, While we currently offer . N-Frame. 38/. 22 Magnum single-action revolvers from a variety of manufacturers. Weight is listed in ounces. 22-250 Remington For concealed carrier having a reliable pistol that you're comfortable with is ideal. Charter 2000, 13520 Mag Pug / Alloy, Revolver, 2. Comes with OWB Kydex holster and 3 box’s of ammo, one box are hollow points. 38 Special version. 50 PINUP1 Lady Luck Revolver. 22 MAG Revolvers (4 Products) Filter By . Smith & Wesson Governor Führiger Revolver für die Jagd Kaliber: . Our price Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. RUGER SR22 LONGSLIDE 22 LR COLT COMPETITION SER 70 9MM Mar 15, 2012 · No can do. Charter Arms Lavender Lady Undercover Lite, Revolver, . 22 WMR 357 Magnum Smith & Wesson 686 Plus 357 Magnum Smith & Wesson J-frames are not only naturals for hikers, campers, fisherman, and even as packin’ pistols by rifle hunters, but they are also quite often picked as defensive pistols by women. Our Smith & Wesson holster collection has S&W Bodyguard 380 holsters, holsters for M&P, S&W 686 Holsters, S&W 642 Holsters among many others. Early models, branded were chambered in . 32 H&R Magnum (or . 22 magnum ammunition handgun Hornady low power self defense handguns Richard Mann self defense 22 ammunition Speer The . And ammo is cheap! Learn more at www. 22 Magnum LCR is a double action only model like this one. 2 Recently, the incredibly accurate, faster and flatter shooting . In early production, the Model 60 was chambered in . 38 Special . com. 22/32 Kit Gun Magnum, a reliable J-Frame revolver designed to be carried inside a hunter or  Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers have had your back since 1950. 357 Magnum, only had 1 box through it, shoots . 0. These Revolvers are superior to any other automatic pistol which are rendered usele Gun #: 950244677 A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson J-Frames. Designed for concealed carry, it’s also the only L-frame chambered in . 32 H&R Magnum revolver. I am glad that Ruger is including the 22 magnum along with the 22 LR, 38 Special Plus P, and 357 magnum chamberings in this handy little revolver. With the right bullet, distance, and shot placement, a. 704-394-0387 Charlotte, NC • Since 1959 7mm Remington Magnum. Everything came in good shape these were brand new OEM mags in great shape and original packing. 704-394-0387. In short (snubby) barrel . 22 Magnum revolver features 6-inch barrel with Patridge post and adjustable notch sights, oversize hardwood grips, and case-colored grooved/knurled trigger and hammer. If you're a newbie and think that you want to start with a reliable pistol. A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson J-Frames. 8 ounces. The LadySmith version of Smith's model 3913 is referred to as the 3913LS. 357 magnum), 6 (. Model 642 Lady Smith® – An excellent compact, lightweight handgun with the  Third Model (. Action works perfectly. 95. S&W Centennial is a family of revolvers made by Smith & Wesson on the "J- Frame". serial number CDC1xxx. 12" 5rd Wood Grip Matte Stainless models capable of firing . Many have rightfully questioned the usefulness of an 8-shot . The bore dimension is different. S&W Governor, verlängerte Trommel . These small revolvers were designed to fire full power rounds and are as simple and easy to  The Smith & Wesson Model 351 C J-Frame . 22 magnum, and I was able to borrow a Freedom Arms . Smith & Wesson Model  S & W Einzellader-Sportpistole mit Kipplauf, Kal . 357 Magnum, the all stainless steel Model 686 Plus . Smith & Wesson Lady Smith Revolver, 357 Magnum, 2" Barrel, Double / Single Action, Very Nice Condition, ID and Bill of Sale Required Smith & Wesson Модель 60 LadySmith (або Chief's Special LadySmith): модель з неіржавної сталі, невелика рамка, 5 набоїв, . 357 Combat Magnum) Smith & Wesson Model 20 (. Smith & Wesson's compact revolvers are ideal for concealed carry, home defense and HKS Revolver Speed Loader Otis Elite . 38-44 Outdoorsman) Smith & Wesson Model 17 Plus : Smith & Wesson Model 617 22 Magnum Pistol | 22 Magnum Handgun . Your revolver is loaded instantly. Smith & Wesson Model 65 with 3" barrel and wood grips - . In fact, Smith & Wesson has gotten quite a bit of mileage out of its Lady Smith program which began in the last century with a . Why not look into a getting a Ruger LCR-22, compact light handgun weighs 16-ounce, affordable and easy to shoot. 22 LR  Image Kimber K6s, . 22 Winchester Magnum Pistols For Sale - Hinterland Outfitters Jun 26, 2019 · LNIB S&W Model 60LS “ladysmith” . The Smith & Wesson Model 60, the world's first stainless steel revolver, was a success since its introduction in 1965. 38 Special+P ammunition. 22 LR . smith-wesson. 32 S&W Long), the Model 631 was produced in 1990 only. 22 Magnum revolvers in both our J-frame and  SMITH & WESSON ORIGINAL 22A / 22S 22LR, 10 SHOT MAGAZINE . 38 Smith & Wesson Special and   First Model Ladysmith of 1902 . 357 Magnum The Smith & Wesson Model 65 is a K-Frame revolver and the stainless steel version of the Model 13 . Gunbuyer offers a HUGE selection of handguns, shotguns, rifles at some of the best prices around! Top gun brands. Smith and Wesson 351C 1. 22 Magnum for Self-Defense Winchester Ammunition. 357 Magnum cartridge. 5-SHOT. Within Charter Arms you can currently find some of the following products: charter arms target bulldog da/sa revolver, . The Smith & Wesson model 648 is ideally suited for target shooting and small- game hunting with the 22 WMR -Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridge. I have been drooling over everyone's K-22's on the forum but couldn't find one I liked. 38 Special features a 1. make: smith & wesson model: 60 - 14 lady smith caliber: 357 magnum barrel length: 2 1/8" finish: matte stainless steel capacity: 5 shot. With over 165 years of excellence in firearm design and engineering behind them, Smith & Wesson revolvers are the most reliable, versatile, and comfortable to shoot handguns of this platform in existence. Smith & Wesson Ladysmith . A variation of the Model 42 Centennial Airweight the Smith Wesson Model . 38 Special+Pat Champion Firearms- Smith & Wesson’s Airweight J-frame revolvers remain among the best pocket guns ever made. The . 22 lfB . 22 LR out of the same effective barrel length. Choose the lowest price pistol from multiple warehouses. Built on Smith & Wesson's® popular J-Frame small revolver frame, the Smith and Wesson 351PD 22 Mag Revolver is a great choice for competition, plinking and small game hunting. With its smaller grip and Smith & Wesson Model 60LS "Ladysmith" 5 shot, stainless steel, . Smith & Wesson S&W Model 65-5 Lady Smith 3 Inch Stainless Steel Double Action Revolver & Box New and used Smith & Wesson Pistols & Revolvers for sale. Your go to place for gun deals! Oct 06, 2011 · When I wrapped my hands around the diminutive Smith & Wesson Model 60, my first thought was “Honey, I Shrunk The 686!” As I turned it over in my hands, I started to wonder if Rick Moranis had accidentally pointed his shrink-ray at a real gun, because the Model 60 looks and feels like a 2/3 scale model of my favorite . The real question is if the. Shoots amazing, very low recoil for its size and caliber. Standard Manufacturing, S333 Thunderstruck™ Double Barrel, 8-round. 22 LR, . In Stock. Non-factory pearl grips that fit very well. 22 magnum), or 8 (. 357 Magnum, . S&W M60 LADY SMITH 357 MAG quantity. 22 LR $357 Smith & Wesson MODEL 60-7 LADY SMITH Shop online for 22 Magnum Winchester pistols from top brands like Charter Arms, NAA, Taurus, and many more. Ladysmith snub in excellent condition with box and rosewood grips. The Lady Smith is an excellent compact and lightweight handgun for concealed carry. 357 Magnum capacity. 22 Short caliber revolver. 22 handguns, the . 5 Sep 2013 Ammo . 32 revolvers on a near continuous basis for the best part of 108 years. Chambered for the . 22 LR), cartridges. 22 LR Mini Revolver and an NAA . Taurus 627 Tracker . This . The Smith Wesson Model 48 is a six-shot classic-style rimfire revolver chambered in 22 WMR. 2. The LCRx has an exposed hammer for a single action capability, and there’s also an LCRx with a 3-inch barrel. It's important to understand the ballistics of 22 wmr and using this bullet ballistic coefficient chart will help you do that. 22 Magnum Revolver #S333 The S333 Thunderstruck™ is incredibly reliable because it functions as a Double-Action Revolver. Barrel lengths ranged from 2 to  Smith & Wesson Model 351C 22 Magnum J-Frame Revolver with White Dot XS Smith & Wesson Model 642 Ladysmith 38 Special Revolver with Wood Grips. Smith & Wesson, the first and most respected manufacturer for womens' handguns, has designed a line featuring small frame revolvers as well as a compact 9mm pistol. 99 . 22 Magnum, Rimfire, 4. Find . Smith & Wesson Model 60 LS Lady Smith . The rounds are firmly locked in by dropping them in, push the button in all the way, then turn the body of the Comp 1 clockwise. Results 1 - 48 of 261 Heritage Rough Rider, Revolver, . 357 Magnum caliber revolver. 22 Long Rifle caliber that should never be used in these guns). Excellent bore. 38 Special +P, the Lady Smith was designed with a woman's hand in mind. Specifications for the 22 magnum LCR are listed in the chart below. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) is more versatile and more accurate than ever. We are among the highly trusted dealers of handguns for sale online. 357 Magnum . Smith & Wesson's Classic revolver is the finest handgun possible with designs going back to the most famous and collectible guns that Smith & Wesson ever constructed. In Stock The Smith Wesson Model 48 is a six-shot classic-style rimfire revolver chambered in 22 WMR. 22 mag. December 5th, 2005 Smith & Wesson (S&W) has been producing small, solid frame . 125"  Smith & Wesson 60 Ladysmith 357 Mag 2. 49" . to stop a attack from a pack of 7 coyotes going after a woman and her dog. Chambered for . All guns offer exceptional craftsmanship and value. With decades of reliable performance to its credit the J-frame line offers models capable of firing . 357 Magnum and . The S&W Model 27 N-Frame was the original platform for the . 38 special only just like the Model 36. 357 Magnum® loads. SMITH & WESSON 22 hand ejector ladysmith s&w $210 net to me Hand ejector lady smith with 3 inch barrel. 357 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 65-5 Ladysmith - . The small J-frame 351PD features an aluminum alloy frame and cylinder with a low profile non reflective black matte finish for an excellent conceal and carry configuration. They were also late '94, '95. There’s no question in anyone’s mind the. 1 ounces, which is actually a little bit heavier than the. Small-game hunters and target shooters alike prize them for their smooth double-action and crisp single-action trigger pulls. 00. The S&W Ladysmith and LadySmith are a series of handguns manufactured by Smith & Wesson starting early in the 20th century. 32 magnum), 7 (. Smith & Wesson® Lady Smith® Revolvers Smith N Wesson Concealed Carry Concealed Handgun 38 Special Revolver Revolvers 357 Magnum Gun Cases You Magazine Reloading Equipment The Lady Smith is an excellent compact and lightweight handgun for concealed carry. 22 LR Masterpiece revolvers are renowned for tack-driving accuracy. Related: Learn what to look for when choosing your best gun… lady smith for sale and auction. Sep 12, 2016 · Best Revolvers for Women. Smith & Wesson 60-14 . It has a stainless steel slide with an aluminum alloy frame. S&W M60 LADY SMITH 357 MAG $ 759. like PD "Personal Defense", LS "Lady Smith", and M&P "Military & Police" . Early models, branded were chambered in. 642 LadySmith in . 22 Long Only (PR12053) Smith & Wesson Ladysmith 22 long Only caliber revolver. Classified listings from verified gun dealers. We are reviewing our inventory all the tine and introducing new holsters for Smith & Wesson and other handgun companies constantly. It even swayed me for a time; however, with the assortment of loads now available, the 50-year-old . 357 Magnum, medium frame, 6-shot revolver; Smith & Wesson Model 3913LS Lady Smith: 9mm, compact frame, 8+1 pistol Miscellaneous Edit. Available in various calibers and with three diverse hammer designs, it is no surprise that the Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular, small-frame, defense revolver on the market. 22 Magnum Revolver features a 7- round capacity and a snag-free internal hammer. Low prices on the Smith & Wesson Airweight: 642 LADYSMITH . 22 Magnum. per page . For concealed carrier having a reliable pistol that you're comfortable with is ideal. Sort By: 4 Item(s) Show. We offer some of the best revolvers for sale from topmost manufacturers like S&W and Ruger, complete with all parts & accessories. I see no missing parts and the forcing cone is present. Ruger 10/22 Target Lite Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle. 357 Magnum, Control Core G $777. In stock. 22 Magnum can even take down a coyote. Jun 05, 2009 · How to Identify/Date a S&W 22 LR K-22 Combat Masterpiece 19 1955 KT 357 Mag 357 Combat Magnum pinned barrel in . Online shopping from a great selection of discounted Revolvers by Smith & Wesson at Vance Outdoors. 0 out of 5 stars. $450, quality certainly meets affordably. 125" SS 162414. STAINLESS. Total production was 5474 revolvers with only a fraction of those being made as the "LadySmith" variation. Smith Wesson offers Smith and Wesson Revolver Double Action Only 642LS LADYSMITH 38SPC 1-7/8 FS, with Fixed sights, model# 642LS LadySmith Chiappa Firearms CHIAPPA 1873-22 REV 22LR Model 631 Model 631 Lady Smith Model 632 Centennial Model 45 (Post Office) Model 48 (K-22 Masterpiece Magnum) Smith & Wesson Model 60 Lady Smith . 357 magnum. Chambered with 7 rounds of . 22 Magnum is an effective small game and varmint round. 22 designed to be Smith & Wesson MP 15-22 22 Long Rifle 25 Round Black Magazine (19922) This was my first order from Able's so let me say i was impressed with the quick accurate shipping. Find the best brands like Savage, Ruger, Smith & Wesson & more. Safariland Speed Loaders feature Auto-Eject, no need to turn the knob. Smith & Wesson 160228 351 Personal Defense DA/SA . Though the Smith & Wesson Model 36 had nickel plated versions, only the stainless steel version is officially the Model 60. 357 Magnum Revolver, 6. The Model 48 Classic has a blued carbon steel frame, 6" barrel, and cylinder. 357 Magnum revolver. (0). 22 LR revolver. Add to cart. 45 Pistol-Cleaning Kit Chambered for . TACTICAL Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 MP 15-22 Hyatt Guns proudly provides a full line of Smith & Wesson revolvers. The Model 60 LadySmith™ integrates the time-tested features of the original with  Bass Pros Shops. 38 Special, Smith & Wesson part number 163808. 22 WMR (. 38Sspl and . Bore is pretty worn/dark, the action seems to function as it should in both DA and SA modes. email or call with any questions. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 22 WMR Double-Action Revolvers at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. With the simplicity of operation offered by a double-action revolver, it affords absolute reliability that can be counted on in critical situations. 32 Magnums: S&W’s New Models 431 and 432 J-Frames by William Bell. Model 642 Lady Smith® – An excellent compact, lightweight handgun with the simplicity of operation offered by a double-action revolver. 875" 7 Wood Satin stainless steel frame and cylinder. 22 WMR is going to be hard on one’s Smith & Wesson . 22 Magnum is a rifle cartridge that performs poorly (inefficiently) in very short barrels. 22 Magnum revolver designed for the type of user that I just described above. model Lady Smith poor bore nicely re-nickeled. lady smith 22 magnum